Munya Andrews & Carla Rogers

The global United Nations theme for the 2021 International Women’s Day was – Women in Leadership. This theme celebrates the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future.

Catherine Hutton – Jewellery Maker

Italy has been inspiring creative people for millenia; its climate, natural beauty, food, wine and culture can be irresistable! For Australian jewellery maker, Catherine Hutton, a trip to northern Italy changed her life forever.

Chiara Cesaro – Jewellery Designer

One of the best things about having a retail store, that specialises in Italian products, is I get to travel to Italy several times a year… I know, it’s tough, but someone has to do it!

Miv Watts – Interior Designer

In her latest book, The Maverick Soul, interior designer, Myfanwy Watts (known as Miv) opens the doors to twenty-five authentic bohemian homes, occupied by some of the world’s most inspirational free spirits.

Miriam Margolyes – Actress

When thinking about an appropriate location in which to interview an esteemed British actress, you might consider the Groucho Club in London, or a first-class airport lounge somewhere in the world

Ana Roš - Chef

Ana Roš – Chef

With her career plan to become a diplomat, Ana Roš’ life changed dramatically when she and her husband inherited his family’s restaurant, Hiša Franko, in the Soça Valley in Slovenia, close to the Italian border.

Elda Da Re – Fashion Entrepreneur

Elda Da Re is a fashion powerhouse! At eighty-years young, Elda founded her knitwear company, St Georges, in the Veneto region of north-east Italy in the mid-1950s. Today the company, with Elda still at its helm, the company continues to evolve but never losing sight of her passion for quality and “Made In Italy” philosophy.

Federico Bellini – Venice Biennale Dramaturge

The Venice Biennale has been for over 120 years, one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world. Established in 1895, the Biennale is held in the magical city of Venice every two years, and attracts over half a million visitors from around the world.